About Me

It is totally my personal blog. All the article and content written by me. You can say it’s a little observation of my life. I honestly speaking here. But one things I want to say that my belief my passion and my love are all will be same with you, it’s may not true. Please bear in mind which views or opinion I expressed here all are suitable for me. All are effective for me but it may not work for you. So try to know yourself @ be positive.

I am self-learner, love myself @ my family and strongly believe in nature.  I am very positive minded @ friendly. I always search, try to understand, learn, eager to talk with good one, or the experience one for this confidence grow in myself. I also love cooking, I can ever express my love for cooking in words. I share some cook in time to time here.


I am not specialist, dermatologist, and beautician. I am just self-learner. When I fall any problem try to learn about this and apply myself and it’s amazing result fascinated me really. Here I just share my Little observations of my life,  truly fruitful process @ helpful for human body. You can blindly believe that it is a trusted platform. You can read it, watch then apply if you think that it is useful, it is depended only on your own justification power. I cannot take any responsibilities for you. Do not use any ingredients I speak about, if you think you may be allergic or have a negative reaction including to any of my products.

In short….Little observations of my life, everyday failings of us, our victories, our beauty, our ugliness.

@@  Always be positive @@ Love Yourself